Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

TOP OF THE POPS 2016 - Demos

Some ex-members of Mannheims finest top notch punk rock stars formed REIZ a while ago and finally made it to record a bunch of hits for their first demo tape, released through Pifia and Kink. Personally, this band isn't just my #1 of demos 2016, they are also going to be in my top5 list with their upcoming st LP in 2017. Next level deutschpunk shit coming to you through Spastic Fantastic, Kink and Pifia as well.  

Ultra fast violent hardcore, made by some very handsome kids from Bielefeld. Physical copies came through Colossus Tapes. BTW a kindly reminding advice to the bass player: better buy some tickets for the Blink 182 show or the next member leaving Blink will be Mark Hoppus!!!!

These MS-based bastards forgot everything I dislike about listening to bands like 3/4 of them primary do in Jungbluth: ERFURT70. I mean, its cool - Alpinist also were, speaking about Münster Hardcore - but progressive music shit makes me jawn after a couple of songs (maybe I'm just too dumb for), but this demo totally kicks ass with their massive straight forward hardcore rock'n'roll and the former singer of THE NOW DENIAL in the middle of the stage. For brainless kids, that like it fast and dirty!

Another band, that proofs: you can't go for the cover finding out new good tunes in your Bandcamp feed. CHEAP APPEAL with one of the worst covers/logos representing their debut tape and some highly recommended hardcore-punk rippers, if you like US-influenced 80s shit with a barking front dog. 

Ultra swinging Oi driven 80s Hardcore-Punk from Jackson, Mississippipipipipi. Hope these guys will release a full length soon!

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