Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016


Some guy of Berlin based death metal band NIGHTMARER invited everyone to follow his december challenge of posting kinda special stuff from your own vinyl collection, so I do. With the hashtag #decvinylworship you can participate. Let's see what I will grab for day one. Here's the full list of what to do:

Day 01: A hand-numbered release

Day 02: Perfect match of artwork and vinyl

Day 03: Show us some splatter

Day 04: Four deserted island records

Day 05: Your holy grail

Day 06: Any type of clear vinyl

Day 07: Favorite 7" of the year

Day 08: A great early morning record

Day 09: A great late night record

Day 10: Favorite 10" of the year

Day 11: An inspirational record

Day 12: Favorite 12"/LP of the year

Day 13: Your most rare record (no promo/TP)

Day 14: Vinyl with an etching or screenprint

Day 15: An amazing debut album

Day 16: A band's final album

Day 17: Your newest arrival

Day 18: Let's see some merge/swirl vinyl

Day 19: The soundtrack for your funeral

Day 20: Least fav album of a fav band

Day 21: Show us a cool cheapo

Day 22: It's marble vinyl time

Day 23: A genre-defining album

Day 24: Favorite 2xLP of the year

Day 25: Record that was a (xmas?) gift

Day 26: Show off some haze vinyl

Day 27: The sexiest pressing of the year

Day 28: Picture disc day

Day 29: Selfie w/ a record 
that has a face on the cover

Day 30: Your most unique looking vinyl

Day 31: A record that sums up 2016

Comment and show me your 31 days!